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Sports and Events

When you think of Dallas, you think of the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars.  Dallas is synonymous with sports, and many of the stadiums also host concerts and other entertainment or corporate events.

Premier Transportation is proud to provide the perfect vehicles AND the know-how to enhance your experience of attending a live game, a concert, or any other exciting events occurring throughout the metroplex.

Additionally, Dallas boasts of a healthy environments for local and national college sports as well as local high schools and their need for student/athlete transportation to games, events (band competitions or debate tournaments, for example) and field trips.  In this same vain, we are very excited to assist many local houses of worship with parking lot shuttles and mission trips for their youth departments.

Travel in style by using a vehicle from our extensive fleet – be it a Limousine, Limo Bus, SUV, Mini Bus or Coach Bus you will arrive safe and sound!

Lastly, don’t get off on the wrong foot with having to fight traffic or park miles away from your event location.  Our chauffeurs know the tricks of the trade – using shortcuts and various routes that miss most of the traffic.  Have you ever tried to get to the Cotton Bowl at Fair park on game day, much less find parking?  We are the solution!